Where can I get pricing information?

We pride ourselves on the custom nature of our product. As such, there are many variables that factor into our pricing.

Contact us for a free quote and we will work with you to realize your vision!

Are Fatezzi products made from real wood?

No, Fatezzi Wood is made from a lightweight, high-density polymer.

How does Fatezzi Wood hold up in the elements?

All of our exterior products are finished with a sealer coat to provide UV protection and scratch resistance. Areas with high sun exposure may require annual or biannual reapplication to prevent damage and preserve the finish. 

Are Fatezzi products warrantied?

Warranty information available upon request. 

Can I paint Fatezzi Wood myself?

Our products can be ordered primed and ready for paint. 

If you are keen on the DIY approach, we also offer various wiping and gel stains.

How will my products arrive?

We use common carriers for small items. Larger products are shipped in crates and may require pickup from a shipping terminal. 

We also offer local delivery in the greater Central Florida area.

Other Questions?

Have a more specific question? Send us a message and we'll help you find the answer.

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